Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From Kara: "Hey, I have a couple of questions for you. 1. Am I supposed to do a different workout every other day or do I do the same one for the week? 2. And can I eat my eggs scrambled or fried? (if I use cooking spray) 3. And lastly (for now anyway) I was buying fat free miracle whip and it said there was high fructose as the second ingredient. Is that okay?"

My response (cuz it's the same no matter who asks it):
1. You can do a different workout or the same if you aren't ready to move on...move at your own pace.
2. Scrambled OR fried - wooooooooww!!! - the options you have!!
3. dilemma. The wise, healthy, fit man would say go for the fat not the corn syrup, but I say go for the corn syrup not the fat. Try the fat free for a year or so and then switch back to fat filled. Nothing will kill you. However - No mayo is best - although that WILL kill you! I do no mayo when I'm serious.

BTW - how is everyone? I miss you all. I got up at 3 a.m. the other day and it was cold and snowy and I thought "why am I not driving to Logan today?" And then I remembered it's because you have the videos - and don't need me anymore!!! How great for you and then how sad for me. Miss you all!


Jen said...

I miss seeing you too Debbie! Oh wait, I do see you three times a week, and sometimes you even say "good job Jen" It is great encouragement!
Thanks for giving Pink to us women and for all you've done for me -I appreciate- to say the least.
I've got about six ladies doing the next Pink group. I think they will get hooked too!
You are a natural on the big screen!

Mary Kaye Olsen said...


I also miss you Debbie. I do not miss getting up early in the morning to see you however! I had a wonderful Holiday and was able to pretty much maintain. I am really more aware of portion sizes since doing PINK. I did not deprive myself of anything during the Holidays but I did watch how much of everything I ate. It worked. I feel so much better when I follow the PINK program and am so grateful to you for sharing it with me and woman all over the world!!!! You are the BEST!!!!!

Jeff and Rose said...

Where can I get weights for my PINK bar? It just isn't heavy enough by itself.

VCiera said...

It's so disappointing that Weider isn't supporting this wonderful program more. Are there more/new DVDs planned in the near future?

Rebecca Baeza Villegas said...

Really love this workout. I first bought it around 2009 and have used other fitness programs, but I always come back to this. They are quick and effective. I've always LOVED lifting anyway. Highly recommend... if you can find it. sells it for about $79.00 for the entire kit and you can get it shipped to your house

hailey said...

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