Monday, June 30, 2008

Surprise visit

I was needed in Logan on Friday, so I couldn't resist stopping by to see a few people. I sneaked up behind Tamera at her desk right during lunch time (I promise I wasn't just trying to be mean) and guess what she was eating? - a grilled chicken breast out of a zip lock bag! I was thoroughly impressed. None of you are surprised I'm sure, but I continue to be amazed and surprised by the level of commitment I see from all of you. Tamera inspires me.


Mary Kaye Olsen said...

What??? You were not inspired by me???? Just because I had candy sitting all over my desk and I had just returned from Cafe Sabor for lunch!!! It is a good thing you did not see what I had for breakfast!!! A lemon scone and a cinamon pullapart muffin from Crumb Brother's Bakery. Then I had Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut and breadsticks and cinnamon sticks with frosting for supper!!! Wow!!! It seems like so much more when I write it down than when I ate it. Oh, I forgot I snuck some milk duds in there between meals also. It was an awesome free day!!!! I cannot wait until next Friday.

Tamera Jensen said...

Hee-hee...I know, I was eating it right out of the bag like a piece of pizza, no knife, no fork...nice huh? Just in a hurry to eat lunch while working...What Debbie doens't tell you is that I am certain as I turned to talk with her that I probably had chicken strings hanging out of my teeth!
Ah, the price we pay!!!

Debbie Millet said...

Oh how inspired I feel just reading both your comments! I have this overwhelming urge to lay on my back in a hammock, having attendants offer me platter after platter of delicious cakes and chocolates and pretzels and french bread, then fall asleep and not wake up until the next morning. oooh but then I also have an overwhelming urge to get up the next morning, shake the edema out of my legs and face, drink a ton of water, use the magical protein power found in chicken and tuna to get that clean, healthy blood pumping in my muscle-bound body so that I can do cartwheels around my yard, grab my 3 year old by the thighs and throw him up into the air, and then take the stairs by twos as I bolt up to work. - oh wait - that's the PINK fitness program - cool! Life is so great! I love it.