Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You crack me up

I love you guys!!!

First things first - Ryan knows more about hair than anyone, so unfortunately (and I hate giving in to Ryan) I will have to reanalyze the whole mousse thing - or maybe I should just argue with him for the next 2 months - come to think of it that's more my style.

Secondly - I own the place! Shannon your kids are welcome in my gym if you ever have the inclination to bring them! I have a trike, plastic basketball hoop and baseball T, computer/internet and raisinettes on hand at all times. (I have a 3 yr old and a 17 yr old remember - the trike is for the 3, the computer for the 17 - they fight over the raisinettes). Don't leave them behind - include them - kids are why we are designing this workout for your home - they're our babies!

On that note - I can workout either Thursday afternoon before 6:00 p.m. or Friday anytime during the day or into the evening if that works for you all. Please, please all of you come! I love people who are as serious about working out as I am. Let me know soon so I can arrange my day job!

Mary Kaye - I'm not that smart. I really was just talking about Mousse. However, in thinking about it since, I've got even more craziness for you - mousse the food item is overrated as well! I mean really, if you are going to eat a yummy dessert, who wants a puffy, wimpy, barely-there dessert - give me something I can sink my teeth into! I want to be able to chew my chocolate! As you can tell, I take my high-calorie days seriously as well Shannon!

Teresa - keep it up girl!
Maleesa - anyone doing strength training should eat about 1 gram of protein per bodyweight per day - so a 200lb man should be around 40 grms protein per meal. And just like I've told you, he can go crazy on the dark green veggies. He should try to stay around 1 C. of brn rice or sweet potato, etc. for his carb per meal, but supplement with dark veggies. This, and increasing the protein intake should take care of that hunger thing. And don't get mad at him when his body morphs quicker than yours - he has a big metabolism/hormone/and lean muscle mass advantage. But the turtle won that hare/turtle race so you keep it up and beat him in the end.
Mona – I’ve asked Mary Kaye to follow up. You look great! Keep it up!


Mona said...

how do we get a hold of you to set up date to come see you?

Debbie Millet said...

Right here! Just let me know what day works for you - hopefully we will have a couple come down this Friday sometime and then I heard a few are coming next Tuesday afternoon. Do either of those days work for you? What is the best day/time for you and maybe we can just schedule everyone around that time? This week I can be a little flexible because luckily there aren't a lot of injured people in the hospital right now - so if you want to come down alone either tomorrow or Friday I may be able to work it out. Let me know -I would love to see you.

Mona said...

great, my sister and I will be in SL around 4:30 on Friday, will that work for you?

Debbie Millet said...

Let's do it. Take the 90th S. exit in Sandy to 8724 S. 700 E. It's called Praxis Olympic Weightlifting Center. Our phone number is (801) 979-7758. See you Friday!

Shannon Byrne said...


I will be coming down with Allison tomorrow, Tuesday, June 24th to work out with you. I am excited and nervous at the same time. My kids will stay behind with my husband, but the offer to bring them was awesome! I will keep that in mind if I get in a bind. Do I need to bring my bar with me or do you have those at the gym? Anything else I need to bring?


Debbie Millet said...

Bring your bar just in case. We probably won't do the routine you're used to - since we get one on one time, I'd like to work with you on positioning for both the snatch and clean and jerk so we'll slow it all down, see how much weight you can control and you'll be even more sore than you can imagine! You're ready though - I know it!

Hannah M said...

Hi I was wondering if you all knew where I could puchase the program? With the weights? I have looked at Weider but they say nothing about the weights. I really do want to try this program!! Can someone email me if you know anything!!