Monday, June 23, 2008

You will love this homework

Now that you are a team of self-disciplined, hard-core weightlifters and have complete control of what you put in your body at every moment, you have developed the control and knowledge necessary to sit in a restaurant, surrounded by lists and plates of amazingly yummy food and make perfect choices for fueling your body. Here is your homework for the week...go out to eat! Here is how I recommend doing it this week:
1. Decide where and when at least one day in advance (2 days even better).
2. Log it in your book in advance.
3. Decide what general protein and what general carb (chicken and greens or fish and brown rice etc.)
4. Decide how much EXACTLY you will eat during the meal and how much you will take to go.
5. Decide in advance that you will not eat the bread/chips that come and how you are going to succeed in doing that.
6. Avoid breaded, fried, marinated meats. Avoid sauces, dressings. Ask for your dressing on the side and dip (ever so gently) your lettuce tips in for flavor.
7. As you look at your food once it comes, think of it as two meals and remember to take home what you have decided you would.
8. Post your comments and let me know how you did!!!

My choice - Ruth's diner up emigration canyon. I order the wonderful BBQ salmon salad that is very smart. Then I have to take the mile high biscuits home with an order of chocolate malt pudding I order off the desert menu and have them on my high-calorie day. Sooooo worth the wait.


Mary Kaye Olsen said...

I went to Costa Vida on Saturday. It was my first time there since the first of the year!!! I had a chicken salad with Black beans, no rice, no dressing and none of the crunchy strips. I had them add extra salsa in place of the dressing. I did not eat the torilla shell either. But you know, I still felt like I had had a treat!!! I did not even miss the other stuff at all. You see, it is possible to still go out to eat and maintain control now that we have the POWER, IMAGE, NUTRITION and KNOWLEDGE to succeed!!!

I love the program!!!!

Jen said...

Assignment complete!
I followed the rules about splitting the food as soon as it arrived. I loaded up with two glasses of water while my friends were eating their bread. Next time, I will try knowing what I want ahead of time. That way, I wont even half to look at the menu and be tempted. Overall- an A-. Thanks for the tips. It was much easier than I thought.